PHP is meant to die

TL;DR: PHP is still a poor choice for continually-running processes. See this post for context. Read on for more proof.

Deployment projects

Recently, I’ve been looking at various deployment strategies. I’ve spent a lot of my career doing some configuration management, mostly out of necessity where I’ve been the lead developer on a small team. Over the years, I’ve written several deployment scripts. For employers, they’ve always been built on top of SVN and Fabric. Since I didn’t want to use SVN for my personal projects but was familiar with Fabric, this morphed into a project called Fabox, which used Dropbox as a VCS, and Fabric as the CLI to deploy the code. I’ve talked about Fabox before. I used it for awhile but it was too involved for my simple personal projects (Fabric was overkill for my single-server environment). I’ve also soured a bit on Dropbox lately, since their customer support has been completely non-existent.

Setting up correct permissions for VirtualBox shared folders

With the launch of Mountain Lion and after suffering a hard drive failure, I decided to investigate other options for my local development environment than using MAMP. MAMP has served me well over the years, but considering the number of visitors to my MAMP + Lion tutorials, it’s obviously not as easy to use as a LAMP server.

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