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MAMP + Intl + Lion

Jan 5, 2012   #mamp  #symfony2  #intl 
Since I have started using Symfony2 on some projects I have been meaning to install the intl extension that Symfony recommends you install. I have tried several different methods, but believe that the one I listed below is easier and makes less of a mess than others. First, get the ICU libraries. Then expand them and build the library: tar xzvf icu4c-4_8_1_1-src.tgz cd icu/source ./runConfigureICU MacOSX make sudo make install [Read more]

Upgrading MAMP 2.0.x to MAMP 2.0.5

Jan 4, 2012   #mamp  #php 5.3 
In previous articles, I upgraded my computer to Lion and took the time to install MAMP 2. I discovered while using some Zend Framework components that prior to MAMP 2.0.2, there was a bug with the iconv functions. This bug basically caused several pieces of the framework to timeout. I had unfortunately installed MAMP 2.0.1, so I needed to update to the newest version so that I could again develop ZF-based applications on my local environment. [Read more]

‘fuser’ Using 100% CPU in Ubuntu 11.10 | Flynsarmy

Dec 22, 2011   #ubuntu 11.10  #fuser cpu hogger 
‘fuser’ Using 100% CPU in Ubuntu 11.10 | Flynsarmy» I have several servers running on Ubuntu 11.10 and yet I only see this bug on one of the servers; on that server, I get the AWS CloudWatch messages at least once a day! Since the site was just a small one, I figured it’d be ok to go with the latest and greatest Ubuntu image. I’m really beginning to regret that decision! [Read more]

Hello world Facebook App Using Silex on Heroku

Oct 10, 2011   #Facebook  #heroku  #silex 
Hello world Facebook App Using Silex on HerokuThis is a slick and simple Hello World app built on the Facebook platform. Facebook is really lowering the bar to entry on building apps.

Using MySQL Workbench with MAMP « Internet Strategy Guide

Oct 7, 2011   #MAMP  #MySQL Workbench 
Using MySQL Workbench with MAMP « Internet Strategy Guide» I’ve been meaning to write a similar article. Now I won’t have to!

Link: ps_files_cleanup_dir: opendir(/var/lib/php5) failed

Oct 6, 2011   #php  #ubuntu 
I’ve seen this error occasionally, but recently it has caused me some grief, so I finally decided to look it up. In Debian and Ubuntu, /var/lib/php5, where the session data is stored, has permissions of drwx-wx-wt and should only be cleaned by a cron script. So, the package maintainers disable automatic session garbage collection. The article linked gives some great background, and the answer seems to be setting session. [Read more]

Link: How to strip exif data using Imagick

Aug 25, 2011   #php  #imagick  #strip exif 
To remove the exif data you need to call Imagick::stripImage() on the populated Imagick object and then call Imagick::writeImage() to save your changes. » If you need to resize an image, you can also use Imagick::resizeThumbnail to strip the exif data in one call!

Link: PHP 5.4 Traits - Horizontal Usability

Aug 24, 2011   #php 5.4  #traits 
PHP 5.4 includes a new feature called traits which allow us to do something that seems an awful lot like multiple inheritance at first glance. Traits allow PHP classes to be “extended” horizontally, rather than vertically. Great explanation and example of traits. PHP 5.4 is looking to be a nice release.

Link: How To Use UTF-8 Throughout Your Web Stack

Aug 19, 2011   #utf-8 
Good is the enemy of Great Latin-1 is the enemy of UTF-8 You write web apps. You understand the web is global, and want to support internationalization. You want UTF-8. UTF-8 is extremely sane. Well, as sane as an encoding can be that features backwards-compatibility with ASCII. Everything…

Link: Implementing Twitter sign-in with Silex and PHP

Aug 17, 2011   #oauth  #silex  #twitter 
Silex is awesome and it’s great to see an example using the OAuth library. We recently had a third party spend over a week trying to connect with our web service using OAuth. I couldn’t believe the struggles that they had. Then today I see an article that shows just how simple it really is :).