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Dalek ascii ssh welcome message

Apr 19, 2013   #doctor who  #dalek  #ascii art  #nerd 
Created a new server today. Continuing my Doctor Who theme, this time I have a Dalek. EXTERRRRRMINAAAATE.

Deployment projects

Apr 15, 2013   #deployment  #php  #ruby  #fabric  #python  #fabox  #ripple  #giply 
Recently, I’ve been looking at various deployment strategies. I’ve spent a lot of my career doing some configuration management, mostly out of necessity where I’ve been the lead developer on a small team. Over the years, I’ve written several deployment scripts. For employers, they’ve always been built on top of SVN and Fabric. Since I didn’t want to use SVN for my personal projects but was familiar with Fabric, this morphed into a project called Fabox, which used Dropbox as a VCS, and Fabric as the CLI to deploy the code. [Read more]

Setting up correct permissions for VirtualBox shared folders

Oct 12, 2012   #VirtualBox  #OS X  #permissions  #development 
With the launch of Mountain Lion and after suffering a hard drive failure, I decided to investigate other options for my local development environment than using MAMP. MAMP has served me well over the years, but considering the number of visitors to my MAMP + Lion tutorials, it’s obviously not as easy to use as a LAMP server. Virtual machines are great. I know many people that use commercial products like Parallels and VMWare Fusion to run Windows instances alongside their OS X environments. [Read more]

You know youre a nerd when ...

Sep 7, 2012   #TARDIS  #ASCII ART  #doctor who 
You know you’re a nerd when you: 1. Have your own linux server 2. Name that server after a nerdy cultural icon like Doctor Who 3. Take the laborious process of updating your Ubuntu MOTD so that you can have awesome TARDIS ASCII art greet you whenever you SSH And yes, that’s me.

Link: Packages: The Way Forward for PHP

Apr 19, 2012   #php  #packagist  #composer 

Great article articulating what I’ve experienced recently.

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Link: The MVC Paradox

Apr 5, 2012   #micro frameworks  #mvc paradox  #silex  #slim  #php 
Modern MVC web frameworks often involve a lot of boilerplate code just to support the primary client type of User Agents. This boilerplate code typically does little to help with supporting the other client types of Admin Processes and Unit Tests. As a result of the overhead introduced by this extra boilerplate code, developers often find themselves creating Fat Controllers (a side-effect of The MVC Paradox). Controllers take on too many responsibilities, both vertically and horizontally. [Read more]

Link: PHP serialization and sessions don't mix

Mar 23, 2012   #php  #serialize  #session 
Today I ran into a problem where my PHP Application would throw this fatal error: Fatal error: Exception thrown without a stack frame in Unknown on line 0 … After a few minutes I found the problem: I had a class that would save itself to the Session, and that class also had a __sleep method which is invoked on serialization. I had a similar problem not too long ago. [Read more]

Link: Google leans on developers to use payment service

Mar 9, 2012   #Google Wallet  #Apple In-App 
Google warned several developers in recent months that if they continued to use other payment methods - such as PayPal, Zong and Boku - their apps would be removed from Android Market, now known as Google Play » I’ve got conflicting feelings on this one. As a developer, I’ve encountered severe limitations dealing with Apple’s in-app offerings, especially as it relates to our subscription services. It’s been nice not having to worry about similar problems with Android, where we continue to use Paypal. [Read more]

Link: Using packages not on Packagist

Mar 8, 2012   #composer  #packagist  #dependency management 

» Great information for using Composer with repos that aren’t on Packagist.

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Using Dropbox as a VCS and in deployment

Jan 11, 2012   #dropbox  #vcs  #fabric  #python  #svn  #git 
I was working on some personal projects the other day, and I wanted to add my code to version control. I’ve gotten so used to ensuring that my code is backed up (primarily using SVN) that it makes me nervous to only rely on Time Machine for my backups. While I was investigating free/cheap SVN and git solutions (Github was not an option because I don’t want a public repo for this work), I realized that I had the perfect backup solution already: Dropbox. [Read more]