Link: Fix for IE using AJAX progress monitor

You think you’re going well with your web development until you go and try your site out on Internet Explorer, then you discover just how much work you have still to do.

» After spending the last several months working mostly on backend code (MySQL, PHP, etc), I’ve started doing more JS work, mostly cross-domain XHR. I found this quote in my research and it has never been more apt.

The way Microsoft works continues to baffle me. It’s as though they look at key pieces of functionality and decide to kick against the industry and come up with some new way of forcing developers to support them independently.

In our case, I now have to support the XDomainRequest object and all of it’s limitations. This meant that in addition to building out support for XDR in Javascript, I also had to update several key server-side pieces to support its extremely rudimentary GET/POST methods.