Lanyon- Jekyll's Docker Friend

I finally made the move to migrate this site away from Tumblr. I originally used Tumblr because it was a simple alternative to the heavier blogging sites/frameworks like Blogspot and Wordpress. I tend to enjoy simplicity when it comes to my personal projects, leaning on Sinatra for Ruby-based projects and Silex or Slim for PHP projects.

IntelliJ IDEA is the base for Android Studio

We are happy to confirm that Android Studio, the new IDE for Android development that Google is developing in cooperation with JetBrains, is based on the IntelliJ Platform and the existing functionality of IntelliJ IDEA Community Edition.

OS X, Ruby 1.9, and the SSL error

The problem comes from the fact that the new Ruby 1.9 installation doesn’t find the certification authority certificates (CA Certs) used to verify the authenticity of secured web servers.

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